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i need to make this public so people can see this:

those who sms-ed/called/msn-ed/tumblr-messaged me today, sorry people ~
abandoned my phone/didn't revert to 'Appear Offline' but still (you should know this by now) - -"/wasn't on tumblr today (again), surprise (again). 
i was on twitter though; there's no way i'd miss tweets from JYJ (Jaejoong~) <3
& just in case you guys haven't realized, this happens quite often (i'm sorry :/) - i know it's annoying/irritating, but when i just don't feel like talking/i seriously have nothing to say, i'm like that. i know it's been going on for awhile, and that some of you feel like killing me, but please, just leave me alone. i do reply in the end. i try to anyway, if it's important.
(& i always feel like talking to someone around 2am-4am but everyone's always sleeping anyway so, heh) 

more importantly, to _____________, seriously, stop coming to my LJ - -" you know who you are. you can't even see my posts, so why bother? 

certain people piss me off 
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